Welcome to Chandler & Dunn

Chandler & Dunn is a family run farming and fruit growing company situated between Canterbury and Sandwich, Kent, England (UK). Over several generations the farm has been built up and now consists of 200Ha fruit (mainly apples and pears), 200Ha of Arable (cereals and potatoes) and 200Ha of grassland grazed by cattle and sheep.

Fruit picking in England is an excellent way to earn money working outside in the fresh air during the summer months

We need to employ fruit pickers and thinners during the Summer and Autumn months to help us with our crop of apples, pears and plums.

If you would like to work for us, you can work for the whole of this time or just for the main apple picking season (September). The highest numbers of staff are required for September for apple and pear picking.

For more details, please view our Fruit Picking information page.