"All our animals are reared outdoors on the natural marshlands of the Ash Levels."

2014 Winners Sussex Class

Our livestock enterprise is managed by Roger Dunn, whose family has bred quality Sussex Cattle at Ash since 1942.

The herd was first established by Roger's father with a nucleus of traditional Sussex cattle.

Sussex cattle are native to the South East of England and are a breed renowned for their ability to graze rough pastures and still produce a high quality carcase, making them an ideal breed to graze the water meadows along the river Stour, producing naturally succulent , marbled meat which is full of flavour and tender.

The herd is split into two calving groups, one calving February/March and the other August/ September. The cows will calve once a year and the calves will stay with their mothers for eight or nine months before they are weaned.

The cattle will stay in the fields all the time the weather permits and ground conditions are suitable. They will then be yarded normally December through to March being fed on home produced forage and by products from the other enterprises, potatoes, apples, pears and cereals.

We pride ourselves on a high standard of welfare and belong to the Red Tractor scheme.


  • Arthur Marchant Perpetual Trophy for the Champion Sussex.
  • Dick Foster Perpetual Trophy for the best of opposite sex to the Champion.
  • Sussex Cattle Society, best matching pair bred by one exhibitor.
  • Senior Heifer, born on or between 1 January and 31 December 2012.
  • Senior Bull, born before 1 January 2013.
  • Family Couple, matching pair of animals immediately related (eg same sire/mother).