Tastiest Apple 2017

Chandler and Dunn Finalists, 2014.

We impressed with our focus on quality, sharing best practice with other growers and our innovation:


"Our activity in research & trialling new methods
helps us grow high quality fruit, more sustainably."

Our fruit enterprise is led by Clive and Peter Chandler, assisted by Richard Chandler and Charlie Dunn.

We follow the centuries old tradition of fruit growing in Kent - the UK's premier apple growing region.

We grow on two sites, Goldstone and Perry farms.

We cultivate around 200 Hectares of apple and plum orchards. We have around 3000 tonnes of mainly atmosphere controlled storage on site, and store and pre size our fruit on the farm before sending on to packers and supermarkets.

  • We are long standing and leading growers within Fruition Producer Organisation who use Worldwide Fruit as their marketing agent.
  • We run extensive trial plots for for WFL, and can have up to 60 new variety trials taking place at any one time.
  • We were one of the first UK farms to grow the popular variety of Jazz commercially, following our trials for WFL.
  • We are active in Technology Strategy Board (TSB) projects with WFL - ranging from earwig population research to work on light levels in tree canopies.
  • Working with the University of Worcester we plant wild flower strips and have a 'No mow' policy between the rows of trees in our trial orchards to research the effect on predator numbers.
  • We recently planted 60,000 stinging nettle seeds in our pear orchards to encourage anthocorids which eat the notorious pear sucker insect.
  • We have trickle irrigation systems in most new orchards planted within the last 5 years.