"Fruit picking in England is a great way to earn money, working outdoors in the fresh summer air."

We can now provide good quality caravan accommodation at the farm, at standard industry prices. The caravans can comfortably hold 2-6 people, depending on their size. Facilities include:

  • Broadband
  • Toilets
  • Shower
  • Cooking equipment.

Our caravan site also has a communal laundry room and social area, and plenty of free parking.


While you are with us, we aim to run a FREE minibus to the local shops, supermarket and other amenities on a regular basis.

Local camp sites

If you don't want our caravan accommodation there are some camp and/or caravan sites in the area, some of which have a limited number of old bikes for hire or loan to people staying there. Or you might be able to buy cheap bikes at local boot fairs.

We do not recommend any particular camp sites, but the nearest one to us is 15 minute walk away at Westmarsh Farm Park. There is no local public transport service (bus or train).

Nearest shops

The Village of Ash is about 2 miles away from our farm, with buses to Canterbury, Deal, Sandwich and Thanet.